What Is PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing?

  It is important that business owners learn how to improve their profit margins because the main objective of venturing into any form of business is to make a profit. One of the ways is by engaging in pay per click marketing. Although the words might sound a little bit complicated, it is a relatively easy topic to understand.

  It refers to the use of search engines to generate targeted traffic which in turn is directed towards a given website or a sales page. It would however be good to note that as the key phrase would suggest, one actually has to pay the respective search engine(s) so as to gain access to their services. Below are the steps that anyone can follow when planning to move forward with this form of internet marketing.

  You register as an advertiser with the respective search engine(s) that you wish to use. You cannot advertise without first opening an advertiser account with the respective search engine(s). You will also be required to deposit some money into your account which you will use to pay for your advertising.

  You research the keywords that you wish to use in your marketing campaign. If you are selling digital products that teach people how to make money online then you might consider having “make money online” as one of your targeted keyword phrase. One of the best ways to come up with the right keywords for your campaign(s) is to research them using keyword tools like Google AdWords keyword tool. This will give you an approximation as to how many people search for a given set of words/topic and this can be of great benefit to your campaign.

  You bid for your chosen keywords. This stage involves bidding on the amount of money that you are willing to pay for every click. This is because pay per click marketing as the name suggests involves paying a given amount of money for every click that your advertisement receives. It would be worthwhile to mention that the bid price is highly dependent on the type of keyword(s) that you choose i.e. keywords with a high competition will normally have a higher bidding price as compared to keywords with a low competition.

When you finish up then you will need to ensure that the title and description of your advertisements are captivating so as to attract clicks.

  You activate and monitor your campaign and then the final step involves keeping an eye on its performance i.e. the conversions.

  If you for some reason feel that pay per click marketing may be too much for you, then there is always the option of hiring us an established and knowledgeable internet marketing firm. Give us a call today!