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We have thousands of theme options as well as our own custom themes that we have created. Theme based sites can be completed quickly and is great for clients with new businesses or anyone on a tight budget. We can take any theme and customize it specifically to fit your business needs.
Web Theme Basic
$780.00 & up
Set up fee $279
100-MB Disk Space
500-MB Monthly Bandwidth
20 POP3 Account
Domain creation or transfer
Online Support
Web Theme Advance
$1530.00 & up
Set up fee $279
2500-MB Disk Space
5000-MB Monthly Bandwidth
100 POP3
Content Placment
Domain creation or transfer
Online Support


Below is pricing for our custom theme websites. We offer advanced programming and cutting edge designs. Custom projects are developed based off of the clients specs. All custom sites are assigned a project manager to make sure development of the project is streamlined and there is constant communication with the client.
Custom Flyer
Custom single flyer page
Slide gallery w/3-6 images
Contact submission form
Custom Theme Basic
$1850 & up
Custom website design
3-5 pages of content
Slide gallery w/unlimited images
Content Management System
Online Support
Custom Theme Advanced
$2870 & up
Custom website design
6-12 pages of content
Slide gallery w/unlimited images
Content Management System
Shopping cart w/unlimited products
Online Support
Phone Support
Custom Programming
WordPress, Joomla, PHP, HTML5, Java
Responsive Design
Custom E-commerce
Custom P.O.S.
Custom Virtual Tour Platform
Live Video Feed
Music Feed
CSV Function
Online Support
Phone Support

CUSTOM S.E.O. PRICING/Channel Management

How Does Website Optimization Work?

Web optimization is the most important factor in getting people to your site. More clicks means more viewers, which leads to more sales both in advertising and of your product. In order to optimize your website, different factors must be considered, which include both on-site and off-site techniques. On-site optimization refers to the tools that are designed explicitly for your web page. An error-free code is part of this process and is important in avoiding issues related to ranking or having broken links. Others include keyword density, utilizing relevant information for your products and services, and enlisting a good design. Employing navigation tools such as site maps, menus, tags, and headers, are also very important and allow the viewer a seamless experience. Appearance and first impression are everything and the longer the viewer stays on the page, the more clicks they make or products they buy! If you’re serious about creating consumers, don’t neglect this important step. Off-site web optimization involves the “behind-the-scenes” work that can be done to support your website and boost your search engine ranking regularly. Back-links, which are similar to votes, include recommendations, and people spreading the word about your site and product. The more recommendations you have, the better, and the more your name is out there, the more people are going to be interested in your company. Social networking on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ help generate traffic to your website, which lead to sales, more article submissions, blog posts, directory submissions, and inclusions into even more social networks, like Google Local.

Ingredients of SEO: Meta Elements and Keyword Density

The internet has profoundly impacted the accessibility and availability of information and products. While a lot of it is very useful to readers and consumers, an increasing amount has also been written solely for Search Engine Optimization, a very important frame of reference for internet users. SEO is an excellent tool (if you know how to use it) for building web pages and writing content so that your website will be at the top of major search engines. A Search Engine Optimizer refers to a person or company who offers SEO as a service. To better understand what this entails the following is a list of key terms that are most important to build your SEO ranking

Search Engine Optimization

When someone wants to find information about a chosen topic, one would likely use the internet to find this data. Even if this person knows the exact website address, they often type part of the website address into a search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing or Ask. Almost instantly, search results and several selections will be displayed. So what website is listed first and why is it listed first? Why was this website not first 2 months ago when the user searched for it the first time? The answer is SEO, an intelligent approach to building web pages and writing content for them so that the major search engines can easily find them and show them to the internet user. If a user searches for Hawaiian vacation, they will likely see different results than if he searches for travel to Hawaii. The reason for this is that an important aspect of SEO involves which particular keyword has been written in the meta elements and within the content of the web page itself. Meta Elements in SEO are so important in this process. A meta element shapes the function and ability of a web page. There are meta elements that allow a certain page to be found by search engines, there is a meta element that tells search engines what language the website is in and there is a meta element that gives a brief description of what kind of information the web page gives. All of these things are coded into the web page by a website designer SEO consultant and users cannot see them when they visit a particular site. Some of the most important meta elements are the description and the SEO keywords that are written therein. If someone has put up a website dedicated to something with minor interest like a local landmark or building, just having the name of the landmark in the meta description should allow the site to appear on the first page of Googles search results. However, if someone is trying to put up a website in a very competitive market like weight loss tips, just having these keywords in the description will probably not be enough. Proper SEO must then be implemented.

Why you should change Spins Unlimited I.P.U.P.T. to help you get to the top?

We are the experts and have been providing web optimization for a number of years and have an outstanding track record. We are a team of more than 18 talented and dedicated industry professionals to ensure that our clients are treated with the greatest level of service which is our utmost priority. With years of experience creating great outcomes, we strive to be the best! How can we help your business get better ranking today?

What about the cost?

Our website optimization services are situation dependent and are determined by the industry and number of keywords we are optimizing. For example, some keywords are more competitive than others and certain companies want to be locally featured, while others are focused on national or international rankings. We can help accommodate all budgets regardless of your business type and offer varied package options to suit your personal needs!

Choose a Package & Any Additions – Provide your URL, we will take care of the rest!

S.E.O. Standard
$399/per month
Keyword Research
6 Key Phrases
65 Directory Submissions
10 Press Releases
20 Article Marketing
S.E.O. Deluxe
$599/per month
Keyword Research
8 Key Phrases
120 Directory Submissions
30 Press Releases
30 Article Marketing
Booking Manager
SEO Premium
$899/per month
Keyword Research
8 Key Phrases
300 Directory Submissions
50 Press Releases
30 Article Marketing
DMOZ Submission
1 Squidoos & 1 Hubpages
Booking Manager w/ 1 Channels
Tracking system
SEO Premium Gold
$1490/per month
Keyword Research
12 Key Phrases
60 Sub-Phrases
80 Unique Social Bookmarking
400 Directory Submissions
4x30 Press Release
4x30 Article Marketing
DMOZ Submission
2 Squidoos & 2 Hubpages
Booking Manager w/ up to 4 Channels
Tracking system
A $279.00 fee apply for all new SEO accounts. This fee covers onsite work needed and report. All small SEO accounts must give a thirty (60) day notice and all large SEO plans require a sixty (90) notice before canceling. This must be done in writing to or