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Web design by nature is a creative process that is boundless in opportunity. If done well, it has the potential to structure and express a company’s brand in a form that is both innovative and sharp. However, to be successful in this endeavor, business leaders must choose the right web design partner. Many industry leaders who want to excel and strengthen their companies turn to Spins Unlimited I.P.U.P.T. for leading-edge web design and applications. Regardless of the organization’s size, we can help you create a strong web presence and increase your traffic. Our web application development specialists are willing and knowledgeable to work with you on projects of all complexities and objectives. Throughout the web application development process, you will receive feedback at several stages from your key staff members. We will also offer professional training and support to help you maximize your organization’s return on investment (ROI) and help you realize the benefits of streamlining your business processes. Although proper branding is essential, Spins Unlimited I.P.U.P.T. will also take time to learn about and appreciate the challenges you face in your specific industry and the solutions you seek. We understand the importance and depth of every element that is required for a powerful online presence. From presentation to functionality, we are here to help.
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We are e-Commerce experts in Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Open Cart, Zen Cart and more! Your e-Commerce and shopping cart systems will help determine the effectiveness and success of your online conversions, which will indicate the company’s sales and productivity. An effective e-Commerce website includes:
  • A consumer-based and user-friendly shopping cart for compelling product presentation.
  • Management of customer data to ensure privacy of information and effective marketing.
  • Organizational tools including: shipping; tracking orders; payment; customer support; recurring billing; inventory management; and the availability of multiple languages and currencies.
  • An easy to use system for updates of product images, descriptions, and promotions.
  • Detailed reports showing customer behavior and sale opportunities.
  • Having top level security and real time tracking is a must and we provide all of our custom software for you.
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Spins Unlimited I.P.U.P.T.’s web development team is especially proud to offer our expertise in database solutions, which integrate smoothly and seamlessly into your website. Along with met expectations of ease, professionalism, and quality, we ensure that our database solutions will synthesize with your IT systems and protect your data with trusted security.  
  • databasesolution
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Hosting & Registration

Spins Unlimited I.P.U.P.T. offers you great products, impressive solutions, and outstanding customer service. But, that is not all. We are the next level up from many web providers who offers you hosting or URL registration. The difference is in our V.P.S. (virtual private server) support and our monthly management service, something you do not want to be without.
  • Web hosting in a top-tier facility with high-volume bandwidth.
  • Regular software updates to keep your site running smoothly.
  • Stringent security with updates to keep the bad guys out.
  • Web analytic-s to track statistics. (Great for marketing departments).
  • IT monitoring and support of integrated applications.
  • 99.9% website up-time.
  • Website application design, programming, testing, and deployment.
  • HTML, CSS, text edits, graphic design, flash, navigation changes, and enhancements.
  • Backend programming.
  • Database look-ups and development modifications.
  • Technology research.
  • Solutions architecture.
PRICING per month for hosting is below. If you buy two years upfront, deduct 15% of the total amount. Server set up and configuration fees of $279.00 apply for all new hosting account, file transfers, and database set up. All accounts must have an active hosting account. Any and all past due or late hosting that is not paid on time there is a $12.50 fee per charge that it is past due plus tax.

Maintenance plans are available and price depends on what platform your site is on. Most word press sites start at $160.00 per month and up. All plans include a set hours for work each month at a reduced rate. Any extra hours over are due at end of month along with agreed payment for your maintenance plan. If you cancel your maintenance plain you must establish a hosting account because hosting get combined with your maintenance plan. All plans must be canceled 30 days before last payment for work is due. Contact us for a formal quote. Set up fees apply. All maintenance plans are paid backwards for work done not forward in advanced. We do not allow code access for any third parties if you are under an maintenance plan for security reasons. All SSL certificates are yearly and the fee is $280.00 and requires a dedicated IP address. The SSL set up fee is one fee of $260.00. We do offer an internal SSL at $140.00 for websites that do not have an eCommerce website. This SSL helps protects your site from being hacked plus Google NOW ranks websites with a SSL higher if they rank you at all without one.
Basic Hosting
100MB Disc Space
500MB Bandwidth
20 POP3 Accounts
Online Support
Advance Hosting
2500MB Disc Space
5000MB Bandwidth
100 POP3 Accounts
Custom Real-Time tracking software
Online Support
Phone Support
Professional Hosting
5000MB Disc Space
7500MB Bandwidth
250 POP3 Accounts
Custom Real-Time tracking software
Online Support
Phone Support
Enterprise Hosting
10000MB Disc Space
12000MB Bandwidth
500 POP3 Accounts
Custom Real-Time tracking software
Online Support
Phone Support

Online Marketing

  • The Importance of Branding +

    The Importance of Branding!   Differentiating your business is very important. This is where branding your business helps you stand out.   The business world has in recent times witnessed a myriad of changes in it's landscape. There are a number of reasons to explain the contributing factors for the rate at which technology is changing. In recent times the advancements of technology through the Smart phones and Tablets has completely altered the manner in which business is done. Given the increased channels that consumers have at the palm of their hands they are now able to access information more easily. Furthermore, it is easier for them to find information on their own rather than relying on second hand information or even advertisements and billboards.   Branding loosely refers to the name, symbol, term, sign, design or a combination of any of the above that help a potential consumer to identify and differentiate between the products and services of a particular business from those of another. Given the many channels of information available, it is important for a business to leverage on the growth and boom that has been witnessed in technology in an effort to grow their brand. Given Read More
  • Search Engine Optimization +

    How Does Website Optimization Work? Web optimization is the most important factor in getting people to your site. More clicks means more viewers, which leads to more sales both in advertising and of your product. In order to optimize your website many different factors must be considered which include both on-site and off-site techniques. On-site optimization refers to the tools that are designed explicitly for your web page. An error-free code is part of this process and is important in avoiding issues related to ranking or having broken links. Others include keyword density, utilizing relevant information for your products and services, and enlisting a good design. Implementing navigational tools such as site maps, menus, tags, and headers are also very important and allow the viewer a seamless experience. Appearance and first impression are everything and the longer the viewer stays on the page, the more clicks they make or products they buy! If you’re serious about creating consumers do not neglect this important step. Off-site web optimization involves the “behind-the-scenes” work that can be done to support your website and boost your search engine ranking regularly. Back-links, which are similar to votes, include recommendations and people spreading the word about Read More
  • Social Networking Software +

    Spins Unlimited I.P.U.P.T. Social Networking Software is operated by a group of talented web designers and professionals who specialize in delivering a valuable online experience for users of all different areas of the internet including social networking sites and blogs. We offer a great level of service with a dedicated management team supported by our designers, developers, solution engineers and project managers. Social networking and social media marketing helps websites gain traffic using various marketing options. With social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus being an easily accessible platform, we are able to attract bulk customer traffic by utilizing various skills of interactive marketing. As a result our clients have been extremely satisfied which has earned us a great name in the field of social media marketing. Read More
  • PPC Marketing +

    What Is PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing?   It is important that business owners learn how to improve their profit margins because the main objective of venturing into any form of business is to make a profit. One of the ways is by engaging in pay per click marketing. Although the words might sound a little bit complicated, it is a relatively easy topic to understand.   It refers to the use of search engines to generate targeted traffic which in turn is directed towards a given website or a sales page. It would however be good to note that as the key phrase would suggest, one actually has to pay the respective search engine(s) so as to gain access to their services. Below are the steps that anyone can follow when planning to move forward with this form of internet marketing.   You register as an advertiser with the respective search engine(s) that you wish to use. You cannot advertise without first opening an advertiser account with the respective search engine(s). You will also be required to deposit some money into your account which you will use to pay for your advertising.   You research the keywords that you Read More
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